Values, Mission Statement and Vision


The UNIC Library and Information Centre demonstrates its commitment to academic excellence through a strong service orientation and client focus. It is an academic library that not only provides support for teaching, learning and research within the academic institution for both faculty and students but plays an important in in society. UNIC Library and Information Centre provides high quality resources and services that create opportunities for learning, support literacy and education, and help shape the new ideas and perspectives that are central to a creative and innovative society.

Upon the implementation of the library’s strategic plan, UNIC Library and Information Centre will be able amplify its commitment to the following values and to fully incorporate them in to its work ethics. These values will, also, facilitate in the allocation of library resources and of setting priorities.

  •  Impartial access – UNIC Library and Information Centre strives to provide open access to its facilities and resources to both academics and the public,    regardless of ethnicity, economic or political standing, education level or age. This access is provided through user-friendly web pages, research guides, learning objects and other materials, both print and electronic, in accessible formats.
  •  Inclusion – In alignment with the University’s strategic objectives the library does and will continue to provide an environment that meets the needs, with acceptance and respect, of an international community without discrimination for both employees and its users.
  •  Ethics and Integrity – UNIC Library and Information Centre functions on a solid foundation of ethical principles and professional integrity. Our actions are governed by nurturing open inquiry, provide equity of access, respect intellectual property rights, and protect the privacy of our employees and users.
  • Sustainability – UNIC Library and Information Centre professional expertise and services facilitate the sustainability not only for the provision and preservation of information, support for learning, and research but for the empowering of lifelong learning principles environmental quality, and economic well-being for current and future generations.
  •  Empathy – UNIC Library and Information Centre consists of service-orientated professionals who strive to understand the unique characteristics and needs of those we work with or support. Thereby, enabling us to understand, through their response, how to provide our services and become more respectful in our interactions.


Mission Statement


UNIC Library & Information Centre is dedicated to the success of educational and institutional goals by inspiring discovery and learning through robust information resources and academic collaborations. Its visionary activities promote lifelong learning for both academics and within the society. This dedication, high quality services, its visionary activities, transparency and forward planning has elevated the library to be Centre of Excellence.



UNIC Library & Information Centre demonstrates its commitment to academic excellence through strong service orientation and client focus. It exhibits its dedication to society through the provision of inclusive activities, high quality services and information, and by making the library a welcoming place for all. It, also, supports and meets the goals of the university through innovative library practices, fostering collaborations, strategic, informed risk-taking and experimentation.