What is Interlibrary Loan?

If you need a book or periodical/journal article which is not stocked by our library, we can usually get it through an InterLibrary Loan system provided through the British Library Document Supply Service or some other library.

How do you apply?

  • Send an email to the ILL librarian (Christina Papadopoulou ill@unic.ac.cy or papadopoulou.c@unic.ac.cy), either for a book or a periodical/journal.
  • Include clear and correct bibliographic information for fast processing.
  • Allow at least two full weeks from the time of your request to the receipt of books and two days for journal articles.

Remember to:

Check our library on-line catalog, our databases and our print journals FIRST. If you do not succeed in finding the information you need, THEN, contact ILL service.

Delays for supplying materials may occur due to:

  • Postal Delays
  • Waiting to be supplied from other libraries*
  • Being on loan to another user

Cost, E-mail, Fines

Interlibrary loan fees are paid in advance and in some cases a copyright fee will need to be charged too. For full-time lecturers, ILL can be charged to their research account. Charges are not refunded if the material cannot be supplied.

Academic staff and library members will be contacted by e-mail or telephone, for collecting requested items, unless they specify otherwise on their request form. Photocopies of materials provided become your property, whereas books are loaned out for 4 weeks.

Items not returned by due date or lost will be charged a fine in accordance with the British Library Loan Policy (which might exceed GBP £150 (€190)).

*Cooperation with other Libraries for ILL Services:

  • University of Cyprus Library
  • Cyprus University of Technology
  • Cyprus Open University
  • British Library