UNIC Library & Information Centre recognises that knowledge is not solely for academics but should be open to society. As such, it has developed specific strategies and tools that incorporate these principles for addressing the needs of society, regardless of ethnicity, economic or political standing, education level or age. However, this is not a simple case of implementing activities for disseminating knowledge but to educate on knowledge usage and assessing its quality and accuracy, also to develop critical thinking skills.

Over the years, to address societal problems, the library:

  • Educates school children – Through collaboration with primary school teachers and the UNIC Education department the library has develop activities that teach children on philanagnosia and the value of the book, to search for knowledge, develop their imagination and develop critical thinking and literacy skills. These activities include learning about the library and its content, authors are invited to read their books and provide activities, also the UNIC European Documentation Centre teaches, with activities, about the EU and provides books as gifts for the children
  • Provides Employment seeking presentations and one-to-one sessions – the presentations are not only for using specific European Commission tools for looking for employment but to educate on making informed decisions when moving to another country
  • Participates in official social events – the library collaborates with Cyprus police, European institutions and charitable organisations and actively participates in their events where it educations through various games and provides books

UNIC Library and Information Center is built around values of lifelong learning, i.e. social inclusion, personal development, self-sustainability and employability and will continue to dedicate itself to helping improve the quality of life of society.

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