At the beginning of every semester the library gives it users the opportunity to explore the library with its 30 minute narrated tours. The tours are designed to give an overview of the services and facilities offered by the library. To register please contact Maria Pavlou (

UNIC Library and Information Centre has specialised staff who have developed structured training sessions (including tutorials), which are prepared with the objective of ensuring attendees are exposed to and develop their research and critical thinking skills. The structured trainings are provided throughout the year, either on a group (which are arranged by faculty) or one-to-one basis. To register please contact Georgia Christodoulou (

UNIC Library and Information Centre runs a module, which is part of the UNIC-100 course, for first year undergraduates. The module focuses on cultivating information literacy skills that help new UNIC students to efficiently find, access, evaluate and use the needed information in order to fulfill their personal and academic pursuits. At the conclusion of the module each student is required to submit an assignment, which counts for 25% of the students’ final grade.