Configuration Directions for iOS Devices

For remote access to the UNIC Library electronic resources*


  1. Open “Settings” app
  2. Select “Wi-Fi” and tap the network you use
  3. Scroll down to the “HTTP Proxy” section and tap “Manual
  4. In the “Server” box type:
  5. In the “Port” box type: 8080
  6. Turn on “Authentication” and type your:
    • Username: Student ID number (e.g. U000N0010) or Library User ID (for staff)
    • Password: date of birth in reverse order yyyymmdd (e.g. 19870218)
  7. Exit the “Settings” app

Open the Library’s website and you should be able to access all the available e-resources (i.e. Library Search, Databases, E-Journals, and E-books).

When you have finished searching Library e-resources, be sure to go back to the network settings (Steps 1-2), scroll down to the HTTP Proxy section and tap “Off”.

*(Available to active UNIC users 24 hrs after registration with the Library)