eBook Collections

UNIC Library provides full text access to a number of eBooks. Below you will find collections from various vendors/publishers.

Bloomsbury Film and Media Studies eBooks

Offers access to eBooks published by Bloomsbury in film and media studies. Full text access provided to the below collections: Film Studies Archive 2000-2013, Film and Media Studies 2014 & Film and Media Studies 2015.

Cambridge University Press eBooks

Offers access to eBooks in various subject areas published by Cambridge University Press.

EBSCO eBook Collection

One of the biggest eBook collections providing access to more than 170,000 multidisciplinary titles from various publishers.

Elsevier eBooks

Provides access to eBooks published by Elsevier in various subject areas.

Elsevier Online Library of Medical & Health Science Textbooks

Offers access to a superior range of eBooks in medicine and health sciences.

Emerald eBook series

Offers access to Social Sciences and Business, Management & Economics eBook collections published by Emerald.


Περιλαμβάνει ανοιχτής πρόσβασης συγγράμματα, βοηθήματα και μαθησιακά αντικείμενα για διάφορα θέματα, τα οποία είτε έχουν δημιουργηθεί από μέλη της ελληνικής ακαδημαϊκής και ερευνητικής κοινότητας. (Content in Greek)

Oxford Reference Online

Bringing together 2 million digitized entries across Oxford’s Dictionaries, Companions and Encyclopedias, this is a premier online reference product, spanning 25 different subject areas.

ProQuest eBook Central

One of the biggest eBook collections providing access to more than 160,000 multidisciplinary eBooks from various publishers.

Springer Link eBooks and eBook Series

Offers access to more than 60,000 multidisciplinary eBooks published by Springer, Palgrave Macmillan and other academic publishers.

Wiley eTextbooks (now available within ProQuest eBook Central)

A small collection of electronic textbooks made up of 7 titles covering subject areas of accounting, mathematics, science, technology and computers.

Wiley Online Books

Offers access to eBooks published by Willey in various subject areas.