How do I access the Library electronic resources?
  • On-campus

Access is open for all through the Library website and no passwords are required if you are within the University/ Intercollege premises.

  • Off-campus 

If you have an active Library account (Join the Library), you can connect with the University’s proxy server to gain access remotely* (see Off Campus Access section - menu on the left).

*[This service is only available for currently enrolled/ employed University/ Intercollege students and staff]

How do I connect with the University’s proxy server to gain access remotely?


To access e-resources remotely you need to connect with the University proxy server. Choose the browser or device you use from the list below and follow the instructions to change your proxy settings and gain access.


Change proxy settings on your computer:

·         Mozilla Firefox  

·         Google Chrome 

·         Internet Explorer 

·         Microsoft Edge 

·         Mac browsers

Change proxy settings on your tablet/ smartphone:

·         iOS devices

·        Android devices

Library electronic resources and tools


When you set up your browser and your proxy codes are approved (see Off Campus Access section), you will be able to access all of the Library’s electronic resources (without need for extra passwords). The available electronic resources and tools can be found below:


Discovery service for searching simultaneously most of the Library resources, both electronic and print. (The search box found on the top of the Library home page)

E-book collections from various vendors/publishers.

E-journal collections from various publishers.

Specialised collections of sources (e.g. journal articles, conference proceedings, book chapters etc.) focusing on a certain subject area. Organised alphabetically and by subject.

Reference management tool that allows you to compile, edit and format bibliographies.

What is my username and password for the University’s proxy server?


When you change your proxy settings, the proxy server responds with a login window. If you have an active Library account (Join the Library), your proxy codes are:

  • Username: your Student ID Number* or Library User ID ** (in capitals)

*Students use their student ID number

**Staff members use the barcode number placed on their Library card

Example: U000N0100

  • Password: your date of birth in reverse order (yyyymmdd)

yyyy = year (1990)
mm = month (03)
dd = day (10)

Example: Date of birth, 10 March 1990 = 19900310