Configuration Directions for Android Devices

For remote access to the UNIC Library electronic resources*


  1. Open “Settings” app
  2. Select “Connections” and then “Wi-Fi
  3. Tap and hold the wireless network that you use
  4. Select “Manage network settings” and then “Show advanced options
  5. Change Proxy to “Manual
  6. In the “Proxy host name” box type:
  7. In the “Proxy port” box type: 8080
  8. Select “Authenticate Server” and type your:
    • Username: Student ID number (e.g. U000N0010) or Library User ID (for staff)
    • Password: date of birth in reverse order yyyymmdd (e.g. 19870218).
  9. Tab “Save” and exit the “Settings” app

Open the Library’s website and you should be able to access all the available e-resources (i.e. Library Search, Databases, E-Journals, and E-books).

When you have finished searching Library e-resources, be sure to go back to the network settings (Steps 1-4), change Proxy to “None” and “Save” the settings.

*(Available to active UNIC users 24 hrs after registration with the Library)