As of 2012, the University of Nicosia Library is a European Documentation Centre (EDC), which is part of the Europe Direct information network spanning the whole EU. It is your local link to information on Europe.

The overall objective of our EDC is to find ways to inform and keep students, academics and the public updated about publications, resources and other information regarding the EU.

We also provide help on accessing:

  • EU facts and figures;
  • Travelling, studying and working or retiring in European Union (EU) countries;
  • How the EU works;
  • Information on funding opportunities and signposting to other organisations who can help (see our Links page);
  • European policies and programmes;
  • European legislation and directives;
  • Free internet access in the library which gives you easy access to EU websites.

NOTE: you can also get help by using Freephone access to the Europe Direct Call Centre on 00 800 6789 10 11.

The University also offers:

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In addition to being a link to European information the University of Nicosia has EU Expert speakers:

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We also offer a variety of courses in connection to the European Union, including:

  • EUS-103 Modern European History and Politics
  • EUS-105 Introduction to the European Union
  • EUS-201 European Geography
  • EUS-210 European Cultures
  • EUS-250 European Institutions and Governance
  • EUS-255 European Political Thought
  • EUS-305 European Business Environment
  • EUS-325 Cyprus and the EU
  • EUS-340 European Integration
  • EUS-355 European Social and Economic Policy
  • EUS-425 European Union - Middle East Relations
  • EUS-461 Current European Issues
  • EUS-475 European Foreign and Security Policy
  • EUS-495 Comparative European Politics
  • IREL-570 European Integration
  • IREL-610 Current European Issues
  • IREL-613 The European Union and the World
  • IREL-618 European Union Law
  • IREL-695 Cyprus and the European Union
  • LAW-201 European Union Law I
  • LAW202 European Union Law II
  • PSCI-111 European Politics Since 1945

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Jean Monnet Lecture series is part of the "Lifelong Learning Programme" of the European Union. The main objective of this project is to combine professional and academic expertise on EU-related issues by creating an active centre for education, where professionals, academics and students will enhance their knowledge, exchange views and examine issues pertinent to the history, prospects, and diplomatic and political processes of European integration.

In addition, the University is a member of ERASMUS, which is the EU's flagship education and training programme enabling students, faculty and staff of European Universities to spend time in another EU institution.

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