Access to Electronic Resources


To find and access Library electronic resources, such as databases, e-journals and e-books, outside the University premises follow the first below  #3 Steps To complete an assignment by creating your bibliography, go to  Step #4 .


Step #1: Change proxy settings on your browser

Watch/read the relevant video/instructions on how to set up the proxy on your web browser in order to gain access to the Library resources.

      Change proxy settings on your computer:

         Mozilla Firefox  (video or PDF)

         Google Chrome (video or PDF)

         Internet Explorer (video or PDF)

         Microsoft Edge (video or PDF)

         Mac browsers (video or PDF)

Change proxy settings on your tablet or smartphone:

         iOS devices (PDF)

         Android devices (PDF)

Step #2: Insert your proxy codes to gain access

When you change your proxy settings, the proxy server responds with a login window. If you have an active Library account, your proxy codes are:

  • Username: your Student ID Number (in CAPITALS)

  • Password: your date of birth in reverse order (yr/mo/day*)

 Example:  Password: 19900310 (for 10th March 1990*)

                    Password must be entered in the format yyyymmdd

                     yyyy = year, i.e. 1990

                  mm = month, i.e. 03 (March)

                  dd = day of the month, i.e. 10th  day of the month


Step #3: Find relevant electronic material

As a distance learning student you can access remotely all Library electronic resources. Below you may find more information on what resources to use:


Databases & Articles Selected resources (e.g. journal articles) by subject

E-Journals E-journals by publisher

E-Books  E-books & e-book series from various vendors/publishers for all the subjects

EDS - Discovery service for searching all Library resources, both electronic and print (some resources may be excluded)


Step #4 – Manage your references

Use Refworks - The online bibliographic management tool (for Refworks User Guide click here).

Be Aware of plagiarism


Step #5 – Contact us for further help

The Library Distance Learning Service provides ongoing support for the use of electronic resources.

Operating Hours: Monday-Friday, 11:30-17:30

Tel.: +357 22 842102 & +30 698 347 8547